Crypto has a Heart

its all about liquidity with a touch of charity

$CROHEART Tokenomics for a sustaining economy

Our main and strongest utility is all about liquidity.

Therefor 10% of each buy and sell go into the $CROHEART treasury. The treasury will be exclusively used to provide a growing floor price that will be achieved by buying back tokens and adding them together with CRO to the liquidity pool. Also a part of the treasury may be used to provide liquidity for possible future CEX listings.

1% of each buy and sell go into charity to do our part in making the world a better place. To prove that crypto is not just crypto but can also change and save lifes of any kind. After launch the initial amount in the charity wallet from presale will be divided into 5 equal parts and given to existing charity organizations. After that we will continue supporting partnerships as well as starting own charity projects.

1% of each buy and sell go into marketing. Our base strategy to attract new investors will be to host events of all kinds to benefit the project, the community/investors and future investors i.e. airdrops, giveaways, contests, merch drops, etc. To avoid scams from external marketing we always go the way: you deliver, we pay. In no way vice versa!

1% of each buy and sell go into the company. $CROHEART was founded by an european team and the company Crypto has a Heart Corporation, registered in germany. Therefor bills have to be paid to keep everything running and to ensure further development and progress.

With our strategy of a fair and sustaining economy $CROHEART has the potential to become one of the greatest projects the CRO chain has ever seen. Dont miss your chance to be in early.