Crypto has a Heart

its all about liquidity with a touch of charity

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Welcome to Crypto has a Heart

$CROHEART is the native token of the layer-2 blockchain Crypto has a Heart powered by the Cronos Network to create a healthy and safe ecosystem for investors. Our aim is always to provide maximum transparency, maximum safety and decisions in the interest of investors and not the team.

Kindly read our whitepaper, do your own research and due diligence before you decide to invest.

We are currently working on a collaboration with a launchpad for a free presale !!!

To match all criterias for a free launchpad presale our priority is for now the audit done by S3EK and a vetting done by DeFi Skeptic. As soon as both are done and passed the presale will be prepared.

Stay tuned for updates.

Be sure that noone of the team will ever DM you to transfer any amount of CRO to any wallet or ask for your seed phrase. People asking you for any of these are 100% scammers and we are in no way connected to or with them!

Before losing money in the next SCAM invest in Crypto has a Heart.

The place where investors are treated like investors !

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Safety first !